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Nov 2014 -

In finnish · Aggregating content from YouTube and highlighting top Finnish video bloggers and their posted videos. YouTubing has become a phenomenon and helps interested audience find new video bloggers and keep up with the latest trending videos. Built with: Ruby on Rails, HTML5 + CSS3, Angular.js, Bootstrap and runs on Heroku.

June 2013 -

Experimental debating app where smart people like you can host debates between two opposite stances. Participants can then add arguments for any stance and vote on those arguments. The stance with most votes on unique arguments wins the debate. Built with: Go, HTML5 + CSS3, Angular.js and runs on Google App Engine.

May 2013


This package of HTML5 mockups of popular devices reached popularity after Smashing Magazine posted a tweet about it. The package contains seven devices in different orientatins and colors. Each device is a HTML5 + CSS3 presentation which scale keeping aspect ratio and have their screens perfectly aligned for you to showcase your apps, photos, graphics, videos or anything you can come up with. Oh, by the way, Pixelsign is open-source and has +2000 stargazers! Built with: HTML5 + CSS3.

2011 - 2013

Geosocial platform bringing together multiple social platforms to give users an idea of what's happening in a certain place. Vimention helped people find new things and learn about the area their in. The story of Vimention came to an end in late 2013. Built with: PHP, MySQL, HTML5 + CSS3 and ran on a custom Linux server installation.

Tomi Hiltunen

Senior Full-Stack Developer @ Hubchat

Helsinki, Finland